Bavarian Sex Comedy Collection – Angel De Lujuria – Alena Penz – Margaret Rose Keil – 4 Films on 2 DVDs!


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Bavarian Sex Comedy Collection (1970-1975) – Angel De Lujuria

  1.  “I Like The Girls Who Do”
  2.  “Bottoms Up”
  3.  “Inn Of 1,000 Sins”
  4.  “Run, Virgin, Run”

The German sex comedy was always something of an afterthought on the U. S. exploitation market.  Appearing just about the same time as the advent of hardcore in the United States, films full of bratwurst and dry-humping were not very high on the playlist for most adult cinema owners and hard-nosed porn distributors.  Nonetheless, the films did fill a creditable niche in the cinematic sex culture of the early to mid-1970s, playing well at drive-ins (which always had trouble screening explicit porno) and also filling out soft-core programs in parts of the country where hardcore was still verboten.

   Included on this 2-disc edition are four noteworthy examples of the sex comedy genre, a crash course in clog dancing, dirndl dresses, and rolling in the hay.  Delightfully dubbed for the English-language market by an anonymous legion of voice-over actors, the films make up for in camp what they lack in explicitness, although the German fraüleins certainly live up to their reputation.  So pour yourself a stein of beer and loosen up your lederhosen:  you’re about to be treated to a four-course banquet of heaving bosoms and ham acting. 


Language: English


Studio: Secret Key