A Place Beyond Shame – Angel De Lujuria – Seka – Lori Blue – Lysa Tatcher – Mai Lin


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A Place Beyond Shame (1980) – Angel De Lujuria – Seka

International sex symbol, Seka, has lost her sex drive. So much so that even the mere touch of a man horrifies her. Frustrated and confused, Seka turns to a psychiatrist (Paul Thomas) who puts her into a hypnotic state to help rediscover her sensuality. Soon Seka finds herself in a world of unlimited ecstasy, observing and participating in encounters with men and women, each more exciting than the last.

Co-directors Fred Lincoln and Sharon Mitchell present a cinematic document of volcanic lust that’s more erotic and passionate than anything you’ve seen and featuring a supporting cast including Lori Blue, Don Fernando, Lysa Thatcher, Mai Lin and many more. So come with Seka and enter a place where fantasy becomes reality…A PLACE BEYOND SHAME.

Language: English


Studio: Vinegar Syndrome